The Swedish Election System

On September the 11th, general elections will be held in Sweden, a country that constantlymeddles in other countries' internal affairs and accuses them of democratic shortcomings.Countries that have endured such criticism should start taking an interest in Sweden's particularform of democracy, as described below. Sweden has Europe's largest governmental political party funding. Taxpayers provide theestablished … Continue reading The Swedish Election System

The Failed Swedish Culture Revolution

Perhaps the recent news that Sweden is forming a ”Psychological Defence Agency” in order to “safeguard democratic society” and “the free formation of opinion” gives us a sense of where the West is heading. The Swedish situation is actually far more subtle — even contradictory — than it first appears. Myndigheten för Psykologiskt Försvar (MpF) didn’t really make much … Continue reading The Failed Swedish Culture Revolution

Sweden – World Champion in Gullibility – Has Done it Again

Headlines you will never see in other countries "Elin, 16, was raped - the man's supervisor was involved in the assault." Consider that headline . You get a sense of surrealism. A bit the same feeling as when you read the headline "Iraqi Minister of Defense receives grant from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency", in Aftonbladet "SKL: Adult men are placed in high school" … Continue reading Sweden – World Champion in Gullibility – Has Done it Again

Sweden – The Country That No Longer Is

For Mamma, life in Sweden began at the refugee camp in Alvesta, Småland. My parents are among the Jews who were expelled from Poland in 1968, and even to this day, Mamma always wakes up in Alvesta on the train route between Stockholm and Malmö. The Sweden that my parents came to was not a … Continue reading Sweden – The Country That No Longer Is